Now you can fly to even more destinations with Air France. Check out the latest additions to our great network and our seasonal direct flights from Athens and Heraklion!


Discover Liberia's nerve centre, Monrovia. Explore Mount Nimba; the highest point in West Africa, home to unique wildlife including pygmy hippos and Nimba viviparous toads. Visit the Liberian National Museum for a glimpse into the riveting history of the nation. Relish the local delicacies including Lemon Grass Tea and a large variety of hearty stews to experience the rich food legacy.

As of 20 April 2020, Air France will operate four weekly flights from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Monrovia, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Some flights may include a stopover at Mali. Flights will be operated on an by Airbus A330-300 aircraft.


With its myriad shades of black, Santorini never fails to charm. From the clifftops, its whitewashed houses and blue-domed churches overlook the sea. An outstanding natural vista. And for an even more authentic experience, an archeological site, exceptional hikes and fine dining are among the treasures waiting to delight the island’s visitors.
Paris-CDG – Santorini : from 13 July to 30 August 2020
AF1040: leaves Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 8:40, arrives in Santorini at 13:00
AF1041: leaves Santorini at 13h50, arrives at Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 16h30
Operated on Wednesday by Airbus A320.


Alone or with a group, with friends or family, Mykonos has something for everyone. This Greek island, famous for its nightlife and beaches, also oozes charm. Among its cascading whitewashed houses comfortably nestled between blue skies and the turquoise sea, the island’s soul – that of a traditional fishermen’s village - is intact.
Paris-CDG – Mykonos : from 13 July to 30 August 2020
AF1072: leaves Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 8:30, arrives in Mykonos at 12:50
AF1073: leaves Mykonos at 13:40, arrives at Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 16:20
Operated on Monday and Wednesday by Airbus A320.


It’s easy to fall in love with Thessaloniki as you follow its ancient walls and ramparts and discover the upper city of Ana Poli and Byzantine churches. Its architectural and cultural heritage can be discovered on foot, day and night. And to complete your sense of oneness with the city, what better way than relaxing at a cafe terrace, enjoying the gourmet delights and visiting one of the markets before admiring the sunset from Trigonion Tower.
Paris-CDG – Thessaloniki : from 13 July to 30 August 2020. AF1038: leaves Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 7:30, arrives in Thessaloniki at 11:30
AF1039: leaves Thessaloniki at 12:20, arrives at Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 14:30. Operated on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday by Airbus A320.


Region of sand and water, land of wine and pine! ‘The Pearl of Aquitaine', long known as ‘The Sleeping Beauty' has woken up. Inscribed in 2007 as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Bordeaux was elected Best European Destination in 2015 and has shown for some years now that it is unquestionably a showcase for the art of French living.

From 25 July to 22 August 2020 Air France will offer 3 direct flights per week from Athens to Bordeaux by Airbus A320. Flights will operate on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.


Marseille, the oldest city in France, founded 2,600 years ago, today boasts 1.2 million proud citizens. Spread over 57 kilometres of coastline, with 20 calanques (inlets), the city sets records for sunshine: up to 300 days a year.

From 11 July to 29 August 2020 Air France will resume its direct services from Athens to Marseille twice a week by Airbus A320. Flights will operate on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


The Niçois don't just love their city they are in love with it. And how not to succumb to it? There is so much beauty in Nice; it is like a mosaic of lights and movements where the sea breeze of the Baie des Anges breathes life into the paving stones.

From 11 July to 29 August 2020 Air France will resume its direct services from Athens to Nice three times a week by Airbus A320. Flights will operate on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.


A perfect combination of lifestyle and history, surrounded by magnificent scenery, Toulouse is genuinely charming with its southern ‘midi' accent. The former capital of the Languedoc, today the pearl of the Midi-Pyrénées, Toulouse has shone in France for a very long time.

From 13 July to 27 August 2020 Air France will resume its direct services from Athens to Toulouse three times a week by Airbus A320. Flights will operate on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


This summer Air France offers direct flights from the capital of the island of Crete to Paris, the city of lights and the most visited and celebrated city in the world! Business Class and Economy Class cabins will be available on the operating aircrafts so that customers can experience the services of both Medium Haul cabins of Air France.

From 13 July to 30 August 2020 Air France will operate 3 direct flights per week from Heraklion to Paris-Charles de Gaulle by Airbus A319. Flights will operate on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.


New Air France direct flights will also link Heraklion with Marseille, the oldest city in France, this summer.

From 12 July to 30 August 2020 Air France will offer 3 direct weekly flights from Heraklion to Marseille by Airbus A320. Flights will operate on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

Split, Croatia

Surrounded by the charming Dalmatian mountains and enchanting Adriatic Sea, Croatia’s ancient city of Split sits as a perfect backdrop to one of Europe’s panoramic destinations. Built on the grounds of where the Roman Empire once stood, wandering through Diocletian’s palace and surviving ruins is like travelling back in time. With over a thousand neighbouring islands, Split is the perfect home base to visit the most beautiful sandy beaches and stunning coastlines.

For the summer season, Air France will operate between Paris Charles de Gaulle and Split on Tuesday and Thursday as of 16 July until 29 August 2019. An additional flight will operate on Sunday as of 21 July until 1 Sep¬tember 2019. Flights will be operated with an Airbus A318 and A319.

Olbia, Sardinia

Olbia, which means "happiness" in ancient Greek, is the starting point in Sardinia, its turquoise waters and unspoiled scenery. Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean, is an island tossed around by Phoenician, Roman, Genoese and Spanish cultures, among others. This land, whose geography varies from the hills where you can hear Sardinian shepherds whistling, to the coasts lined with turquoise waters, is certainly one of our most stunning destinations.

On 15 July 2019 a new route, scheduled until September 1st, 2019 will start between Olbia and Paris - Charles de Gaulle, operated four times a week by Air France HOP.

Palermo, Sicilia

For centuries, many different cultures - including Roman, Arab, Punic and Norman - have shaped Palermo. From this mosaic of cultures was born a city with a harmonious and baroque portrait. Palaces, churches and buildings with Arabic-Norman architecture imbued with baroque style will delight aesthetes and history lovers alike. Palermo is a city whose beauty is uncontested. You can walk through its streets as if you were walking through a poem. The rugged coast offers many sun-drenched beaches with turquoise waters.
On 18 July 2019, Air France will inaugurate four weekly flights from Palermo to Paris - Charles de Gaulle operated by Airbus A319 aircraft. The new route is scheduled until September 1st, 2019.

Qingdao, China

Sitting on China’s Yellow Sea coast, Qingdao is captivating in its style, combining modern architecture with its rich culture and history. The city’s enchanting historical sites include the Great Wall of Qi, known to be the oldest Great Wall of China, as well as the serene sea-facing Zhanshan temple. Meander this seaside city while soaking in the fresh sea breeze. With its ravishingly diverse food scene, Qingdao is the place to go for food lovers and city wanderers alike.

From 19 June 2019, Air France will operate 3 weekly flights between Paris Charles de Gaulle and Qingdao on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Flights will be operated by an Airbus A330 - 200.


Situated 2,850 meters high in the Andean foothills, Quito is flanked by six volcanoes and is amongst one of the most impressive locations in the world. The charming historic center packed with colonial monuments, architectural treasures, picturesque plazas and magnificent churches made Quito the first UNESCO World Heritage site.

From 14 May 2019 Joon and as from 25 June 2019 Air France, will operate 3 weekly flights to Quito from Paris - Charles de Gaulle with an Airbus A340.


Dallas is the second largest city in Texas, and is filled with popular culture and rich history. The city is filled with an impressive array of museums, bars and coffee shops. Explore the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens and relish in the beauty of horticulture.

Since 31 March 2019 Air France operates 3 weekly flights between Paris - Charles de Gaulle and Dallas, on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, until 25 October 2019, with an Airbus A330-200. In addition, two flights will be operating on Mondays and Saturdays between 30 June to 1 September 2019.


Georgia, located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Asia, is marked by the traces of a bright past, as witnessed by the capital Tbilisi, nestled between Sololaki hill and the Kura river. Its winding streets, small squares, numerous churches, old houses and fortresses dating from the 4th century make Tbilisi a picturesque city with an exceptional heritage. From the Caucasian mountains to the beaches of the Black Sea, Georgia is full of an astonishing range of landscapes that will delight nature lovers.

From April 1, 2019 Air France operates two weekly flights to Tbilisi from Paris-Charles de Gaulle, on Wednesdays and Sundays.

In addition, with its partner Georgian Airways, Air France customers will benefit from a total 5 weekly flights between Paris and Tbilisi (2 weekly flights operated by Air France and 3 weekly flights operated by Georgian Airways).

Belgrade, Serbia

For the 2019 summer season (March 31 to October 26, 2019), Air France will offer its customers Belgrade (Serbia) on departure from Paris-Charles de Gaulle. This route will be operated with one daily flight from 31 March 2019. Flight schedules (in local time):
AF1660: leaves Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 12:20, arrives in Belgrade at 14:35
AF1661: leaves Belgrade at 15:25, arrives at Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 17:55
Daily Air France flight by Airbus A319 or A320.
In addition, with its partner Air Serbia, Air France customers will benefit from a total of 21 weekly flights between Paris and Belgrade.


Code-share agreement between France and Australia, in Business, Premium Economy and Economy classes. Since 20 July 2018, Air France has added its code on Qantas operating flights:
Between Hong Kong and Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
Between Singapore and Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth

Air France customers also benefit from Australian domestic routes to Adelaide, Canberra, Cairns, Hobart and Darwin (Availability according to aircraft). Qantas has added its code to Air France operating flights departing from Singapore and Hong Kong to Paris - Charles de Gaulle.


Bari, the capital of Puglia, is a must-see city in Italy. By bicycle or on foot, on the seafront or in the heart of the old town, Bari captivates its visitors with its history, its medieval walls, romantic walks and perpetual sunshine.

Since 18 July 2018 Air France operates from 1 up to 5 (in peak season) weekly flights to Bari.


Norway’s second largest city and second largest port, Bergen stands out with its colourful wooden houses along the old wharf. A gateway to the Fjords, the city is also known for its wonderful fish market and its lively inhabitants. The narrow streets winding upwards give travellers a closer view of the 7 mountains that surround the city centre.

Air France operates daily flights to Bergen since 27 May 2018.

CAGLIARI, Sardinia

Cagliari, a typically Mediterranean city, is the capital of Sardinia. Cagliari spreads across several hills, with the city's castle and historic centre perched high on top of the highest hill. Its surrounding natural parks are also popular with travellers who come to admire its flora and fauna.

From 13 April to 26 October 2019 Air France will offer from 1 up to 7 (in peak season) weekly flights to Cagliari operated by Air France HOP with Embraer 190.


The city that rose from the ashes of Mount Etna is today the second largest city of Sicily. Its vitality, historical and archaeological heritage, the crystal clear sea of the Ionian coast and its gastronomic traditions will be make Catania the perfect destination for your next holiday.

Since 27 March 2018 Air France operates from 3 up to 7 (in peak season) weekly flights to Catania from Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport.


Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic, offers from the top of the city walls views of its sparkling red tile roofs, set against the shimmering turquoise waters of the Adriatic. The old town, included in the UNESCO list of world heritage sites, is full of historical treasures. The marble streets of the medieval city will enthrall travelers.

From 6 April to 26 October 2019 Air France will operate to Dubrovnik from 1 up to 5 (in peak season) weekly flights by Airbus A319.


Considering its isolation, Fortaleza is a surprisingly large and sprawling place, perfect for sunny seaside days. It’s a magnet for tourists from Brazil and overseas, who come for its beaches and party atmosphere, and for the spectacular smaller beach spots, rolling dunes and fishing villages they can get to from here.

Since 4 May 2018, Air France operates three weekly flights to Fortaleza from Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport.

IBIZA, Spain

Ibiza, the paradox, is a pure delight by day and night. The sunshine, which the island enjoys practically all year round, will win over Air France customers as soon as they get off the plane. This slice of paradise offering beautiful rural landscapes, culture and leisure has something to suit everyone. Its sandy beaches and creeks compete with the hinterland. Also known as the Island of Pine Trees, Ibiza is a UNESCO world heritage site.

From 13 April to 26 October 2019 Air France will offer from 2 up to 7 (in peak season) weekly flights to Ibiza.

Mahé, Seychelles

Home to the largest share of the Seychelles population, Mahé offers wonderful beaches and seabed to ocean lovers, as well as beautiful hikes for those seeking wild life. Mahé counts over seventy sandy beaches, beautiful nature preserve and oddly shaped granite rock formations. It sums up the beauty of all the surrounding islands.

Air France will operate three weekly flights to Mahé Seychelles until 11 May 2019 with Joon aircrafts and will resume three weekly services from 29 October to 26 March 2020 operated by Air France.


Being East Africa’s most cosmopolitan and lively city, Nairobi, “The Green City in the sun”, is not only the point of departure of many safari itineraries. The fabulous national park on its doorsteps, the elegant gardens, the excellent cafes, shops and modern hotels will surprise you.

Since 25 March 2018, Air France operates 5 weekly flights from Paris-Charles de Gaulle to Nairobi.


Perpignan, the Catalan, is nestled between the sea and the mountains, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Corbières mountain range. Former capital of the Kingdom of Mallorca, its town centre and typical bright-coloured walls recall its Spanish influences.

Air France takes you to Perpignan with 4 daily flights operated by Air France and Air France HOP.


The cosmopolitan Taiwanese capital and Mecca of hi-tech with its plentiful skyscrapers, including the famous Taipei 101 tower, is permanently redesigning its modern-day image. Venture out of the city to discover more of what Taiwan has to offer!

Since 16 April 2018, Air France operates 3 weekly direct flights non-stop from Paris-Charles de Gaulle to Taipei.


Do you love urban life as well as nature? Book flights to Seattle and discover the city of Boeing and Microsoft. This inventive coastal city has some stunning sights to offer.

Since 25th March 2018, Air France flies nonstop from Paris-Charles de Gaulle to Seattle from 3 up to 7 (in peak season) times a week.


Located on the River Oder in western Poland, Wroclaw with its 12 islands and 112 bridges is also known as the “Venice of the North”. From the old town to Nadordrze, famous for its cosy cafés and street art, its baroque, Gothic and classical architecture, and its colourful houses, Wroclaw is the fourth largest city in Poland.

Air France operates daily flights to Wroclaw since 26 May 2018 operated by Air France Hop with Embraer aircrafts.

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