Vaipahi's Water Gardens, heaven on earth

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Vaipahi's Water Gardens, heaven on earth

Whether for an athletic hike or a contemplative break, you can decide which path you will take to the Water Gardens of Vaipahi.

A sacred place for Tahiti's southern coast islanders, truly unique in Polynesia, the Water Gardens of Vaipahi offer a concentration of tropical plants, both local and foreign. Revel in the beauty of the flora and magnificent landscapes consisting in springs, streams, pools and waterfalls. The Waters of Vaipahi were once a required rite of passage to purify the deceased souls of the Great Teva, the ancestral island's clan.
Adventurous explorers will be able to take full advantage of this paradisiacal site on one of the three paths available: the river trail (2 km / 1.2 mile or a one-hour walk), the middle loop (2.736 km / 1.7 mile or a 75-minute walk) and the large loop (5.125 km / 3.1 mile or a two-hour walk). You will go up marked trails, down paths lined with Caribbean pines and climb up ropes where the inclines are steepest. Later on, you will come back down to enjoy an invigorating break in the shade of the tropical gardens.

Water Gardens of Vaipahi
Mataiea District
PK 49
98726 Teva I Uta