Tuamotu Archipelago, the treasure islands

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Tuamotu Archipelago, the treasure islands

The pearls of Rangiroa are famous: many farms cultivate this jewel of the Pacific, taking over from the fishermen who used to dive here for pearls.

Oro, the generous sky god, offered men the black pearl of Tahiti. It is cultivated today in several islands of the Tuamotu Archipelago, which has about 250 pearl farms. Rangiroa (Gauguin's Pearl) is the best known. For man, eager and fascinated by this beautiful rarity, could not be content with the fruit of chance, when he went on an adventure to uncover hidden treasures.

Today, pearl farming, developed in Japan, brings more luck, but demands just as much skill and perseverance. Discover the craft behind pearl farming, which Tahiti pearls originate from, during a guided tour of the farm. There are various stages to be observed, like sliding a ball into the oyster's reproductive system, around which will form layers of nacre. Learn about the slow process during which the shellfish live strung together in the ocean. You may even end your visit at the farm's shop where pearls are harvested and turned into gorgeous jewellery.

Rangiroa Pearl Farm (Gauguin's Pearl)
BP 191 Avatoru
98775 Rangiroa

+689 40 93 11 30