The Orangerie Park: the oldest garden in the city

The Orangerie Park: the oldest garden in the city

Across from the Council of Europe, this natural area is the green lung of the city and a privileged place to stroll, favoured by families of Strasbourg locals.

Bordered by the Boulevard of Europe and the Quai Jacoutot, this park is famous for its zoo and the protective presence of a wild-stork reintroduction centre. Success with your children is guaranteed when they see the car track called ‘Driving School', or, if you are with your consort, renting a boat to sail on the lake makes a nice little romantic interlude.

In 1804, the pleasure pavilion that was built there in honour of Josephine de Beauharnais by her Imperial husband (Napoleon Bonaparte, for those who've forgotten their French history) inherited 140 orange trees that were confiscated by revolutionaries. The Josephine Pavilion, destroyed by fire, was eventually rebuilt, but only three orange trees remain, preciously guarded in the park greenhouse.

Subsequently, the park was refurbished as a romantic English garden and then expanded to accommodate the great industrial and craft exhibition of 1895. Many fountains, statues, kiosks, and ice-cream vendors adorn the pathways, making this walk an enchanted moment.

Parc de l'Orangerie
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