The Nørrebro: an authentic, multicultural district

The Nørrebro: an authentic, multicultural district

In the Nørrebro district, the vibrant thrum of life can be felt everywhere, even in the Assistens Cemetery.

North of Copenhagen is the cosmopolitan area of Nørrebro, which probably best reflects the changes in the Danish capital. A former working-class area, it has kept a certain authenticity.

Now, immigrants, hipsters, yuppies, and families live alongside designer shops, restaurants, kebab kiosks, and flea markets, where you can buy designer furniture at a reasonable price, Nørrebro being generally one of the most accessible areas of Copenhagen.

When you are done shopping, discover the serenity of the Assistens Cemetery. Unlike Latin cemeteries, Nordic cemeteries have nothing austere or sad about them. This one is no exception. In this environment, which is more of a public garden, it is not uncommon to see couples kissing, people picnicking, or a family playing among the simple graves. Hans Christian Andersen, the storyteller, and Kierkegaard, the philosopher, are both buried there. In many respects, the Assistens Cemetery is the image of Nørrebro: a place where life flows peacefully.

Assistens Cemetery (Assistens Kirkegård)
Kapelvej 4
2200 København N