The Lotus Temple blooms in the eyes of the world

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The Lotus Temple blooms in the eyes of the world

Pride of the Baha'i community, the Lotus Temple brings together believers of all horizons around a universal and peaceful faith.

As you approach the Lotus Temple, the concrete petals seem to open up into the nine surrounding pools of turquoise water, harmoniously lit by the Indian sun. A symbol of immortality, purity and love, this immense lotus flower brings together tourists and the faithful in the south of Delhi.

Designed by the architect Fariborz Sahba when he was just 28 years old, this marble temple invites you to admire the work of 800 workmen that created the structure, finishing in 1986, the year of its inauguration.

The highlight of the visit is the prayer room, with its immaculate walls bathed in light, with no representation of God. On the highest point of the structure, on a decorative plaque is the gilded name of the founder of the faith, Bahá'u'lláh. In the heart of the capital, this 20th-century spiritual masterpiece reflects the tolerance of Indians for all religions.

Lotus Temple
Lotus Temple Road
Shambhu Dayal Bagh
New Delhi
Delhi 110019

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