The Blue Mosque: bright and imperial

The Blue Mosque: bright and imperial

At the heart of Sultanahmet and facing the Hagia Sophia, this mosque, adorned with cascading domes and six minarets pointing to the heavens, rivals the Christian landmark in elegance.

Built under the reign of Sultan Ahmet I, between 1609 and 1616, this is the last of the imperial mosques. The building had to outdo its neighbour, the Hagia Sophia, and its rival, the holy mosque of Mecca. Thus, its six minarets, which angered the religious orthodoxy. To resolve the conflict, it was necessary to finance and build a seventh minaret in Mecca!

The Blue Mosque owes its name to the 20,000 tiles from Iznik adorning the walls. The sumptuous enamelled tiles are beautifully illuminated by spotlights, resulting in a bluish glow in the prayer room. Entrance to the mosque is limited to certain hours, to allow access to the faithful, who enter through the main door. As a tourist, you will be prompted to take the south gate and take off your shoes. Women should cover their head with a scarf.

Sultan Ahmet Cami
At Meydani n° 7
34122 Fatih

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