From Hondarrabia to San Sebastián on the pintxos trail

basque tapas
From Hondarrabia to San Sebastián on the pintxos trail

On the Spanish side, tradition and gastronomy come together in pintxos form, tapas in Basque fashion.

First, you will have to cross the border. For a more traditional excursion, take the boat in Hendaye, which drops you off right at the port of Hondarrabia, a small Spanish fishing village, home to the best pintxos in the entire Basque region.

Elbow your way up to any bar in the bustling streets of this small pueblo, and share small dishes of chipirones or Bellota ham, washed down with a glass of Rioja. Each institution has its speciality, often derived from secret family recipes.

About twenty kilometres further south, the atmosphere in San Sebastián's Casco Viejo (“old neighbourhood”) district is always festive. The best strategy: visit the old town in the afternoon, including the full length of the pier and the Museo de San Telmo, and then hit the tapas bars.

Hondarrabia tourism office
Arma Plaza, 9
20280 Hondarribia (Spain)
+34 943 643 677

San Sebastián tourism office
Alameda Boulevard, 8
20003 San Sebastián (Spain)
+34 943 481 166

Museo de San Telmo
Plaza Zuloaga, 1
20003 San Sebastián (Spain)
+34 943 481 580