Take a free tour of the alternative Budapest

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Take a free tour of the alternative Budapest

Explore the Hungarian capital through the lens of its alternative culture with a team of expats adoring their adopted city. A getaway experience far removed from the traditional tourist routes.

Explore underground Budapest

Take a stroll off the beaten track through the streets of the 6th and 7th kerületek (districts) - the old Jewish neighborhood - led by the volunteer guides from Original Budapest Free Alternative Tour. In their company, you will get to know Budapest, its hidden areas and the community projects which have shaped it.

Explore its backstreets with their giant murals, painted by internationally famous street-artists. There's a more underground vibe on the other side of the Danube, the Buda side, where you can look at the graffiti that covers the 400 meters of wall surface in the Filatorigat railway station. A festival of colors and styles where everyone is free to add their creative touch.

Original Budapest Free Alternative Tour


Take a free tour of the alternative Budapest

Immerse yourself in underground Budapest at night

Extend your Budapest experience by taking part in an evening pub crawl. This bar tour offers an excellent excuse to meet other visitors and sampling local beers, in moderation of course, in a “ruin bar”. These trendy venues are a Budapest specialty, sited in abandoned buildings, mostly in the old Jewish neighborhood.

Then, take some time out at the Farm gastro pub, with exclusive cocktails accompanied by a menu based on local, seasonal produce. All this in a stylish, “recycled" setting. If you prefer partying in more refined surroundings, head for the Doboz with its designer décor. Its dilapidated façade conceals an immense courtyard with a majestic tree in the center, and several other areas on the different floors of the building.

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