Shahpur Jat, Delhi's trendiest market

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Shahpur Jat, Delhi's trendiest market

In one of Delhi's most popular neighbourhoods, Shahpur Jat gathers fashion shops and all kinds of accessories.

Shahpur Jat has become the HQ for fashionistas around the world. Crowded night and day, this long alleyway gathers 200 some shops, one more original than the next. From suppliers of textiles to haute couture boutiques, dyers and weavers, you will find whatever you are looking for at Shahpur Jat! It is possible to bargain-hunt and find items at very affordable prices, pleasing a very cosmopolitan clientele composed of tourists and locals alike. More than 2,000 visitors visit the alley daily, expanding to 10,000 some during wedding season. The neighbourhood overflows with creativity and is well-known for the quality of formal dresses you can find.
In case you feel a bit thirsty, do not hesitate to stop at one of the charming cafes hidden amid the various shops. A hot drink plus a local pastry should recharge your batteries before resuming your crazy shopping spree!

Shahpur Jat
Siri Fort
New Delhi
Delhi 11004