Prestigious Champagne experience from Paris to Épernay

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Prestigious Champagne experience from Paris to Épernay

Unveil the secrets of the most famous champagne cellars on this superb day-trip from Paris to the cradle of French sparkling wines

A trip to Paris offers an extraordinary insight into France's refined cuisine, celebrated wine-making traditions, and magnificent architecture. The "City of Light" is a unique window to the world-famous French lifestyle: a great example of this distinct art-de-vivre is one of their most recognised inventions, champagne.

For the ultimate Champagne experience, start by enjoying an exclusive tasting of exceptional sparkling wines in a refined setting overlooking the Eiffel Tower in Paris; and follow up by taking a short 45-minute train ride to the Champagne region, the birthplace of French "bubbly" wines.

Stroll around Reims or Épernay, where a bespoke programme will open the doors of the most renowned Champagne houses just for you, so you can marvel at the hundreds of thousands of kilometres of underground cellars, where millions of bottles of Champagne age placidly. Top off the day with a private tour of some Grandes Maisons on the splendid Avenue de Champagne to understand why Champagne is the quintessential symbol of prestige. Whether or not you are a wine lover, a visit to these UNESCO World Heritage vineyards, just a stone's throw away from Paris, should not be missed.

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