Marrakech, a new bright star in the golfing world

Marrakech, a new bright star in the golfing world

12 golf courses have turned Marrakech and its surroundings into Northern Africa's little Florida.

If not for the breathtaking view onto the foothills of the High Atlas and mild temperatures even in the dead of winter, you'd think you're stepping on a Florida green fee. And yet, yes, you are in Marrakech, the newest trendy destination of golf lovers, a city that sees golf courses and clubs crop up all over the place. There is an embarrassment of riches, whether in or out of the Red City. You may choose an entire round or simply 9 holes, this or that course conceived by a famed designer, all according to your mood of the moment...
For those who wish to use their golf clubs on one of the most beautiful greens in the world, the Old Course of the Marrakech Royal Golf Club proves to be a necessary stop, offering a 3.7-mile long par 72. Setting foot in the steps of Ike Eisenhower or Winston Churchill while breathing a particularly scented air (15,000 trees including palm trees, orange trees, eucalyptuses, Alep pine trees and olive groves) is a personal trophy worth going after. Facing the Royal Golf, do not miss the Amelkis golf club, beautiful and prestigious 27-hole course.

Marrakech Royal Golf
Ancienne route de Ouarzazate
BP 634
40000 Marrakech

+212 524 40 98 28

Amelkis Golf
Km 12 ancienne route de Ouarzazate
40000 Marrakech

+212 524 40 44 14