Majorelle Blue

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Majorelle Blue

Intense, bright and sheltered from the tumult of the city, the Majorelle Garden are an invitation to lose yourself as you would in a work of art. A live painting that has become a symbol of Marrakech.

While living in the medina of Marrakech, painter Jacques Majorelle fell in love with a superb property, at the edge of the Palmeraie. He bought it in 1923 and underwent huge construction work, notably building a Le Corbusier-inspired artist studio. Most importantly, he created a garden at once lush, exotic, full of life, slowly put together by bringing plants from five continents in the course of his journeys: cacti, bougainvilleas, bamboos, banana and palm trees.
Along the way, the garden evolved and fountains and ponds were brought in to decorate the property. As a finishing touch, the painter created the unique Majorelle Blue, an ultramarine, cobalt blue that he used to paint the walls of his studio, and later used all around the garden. This blue made him famous around the world.
Today, the property has become a museum. It is one of the most visited spots in Marrakech, a poetic cathedral of shapes and colours where time stands still.

Majorelle Garden
Rue Yves Saint Laurent
40090 Marrakech

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