Looking for the northern lights starting from Stockholm

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Looking for the northern lights starting from Stockholm

From Sweden's fascinating capital, you can set off on a Nordic road trip that will blow your mind. Once arrived at destination, a mesmerizing light show awaits you.

All of Sweden's history will pass before your eyes. During your quest to glimpse the northern lights, you will stroll through the historic streets of Stockholm. Then, you will admire the incredible 17th-century Vasa, a salvaged warship with three masts and 48 original canons. Another 70 kilometres to the north, you will go back in time to the age of the Vikings as you visit the three burial mounds in the village of Gamla Uppsala.

Next, lace up your hiking shoes to explore the magnificent landscapes of Höga Kusten (The High Coast) before stopping at Jokkmokk. There, the Ájtte Museum will give you a window into the traditions of the local Sami people, who have traditionally made a living through fishing and herding reindeer.

As you continue on, you will approach the Arctic circle in Jukkasjärvi. Brave souls can spend a night in the IceHotel, an original building made entirely of ice that get rebuilt every winter. From here, an unforgettable spectacle awaits. Feel the silence all around as the immense show of colourful lights dancing in the sky begins. You will forget everything as you take in the magic of the northern lights.