Impress your hosts with our great chefs' secret recipes

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Impress your hosts with our great chefs' secret recipes

This year, say goodbye to the perennial Christmas turkey or Yule log. Three great chefs have prepared a special holiday season menu with a gastronomic touch. Dinner is served!

Holiday season is fast approaching and with it the usual brainstorming question: what would you serve your guest on Christmas or New Year's Eve?
Look no further. To add some originality to the proceedings, three great chefs reveal the secrets of some of their best recipes.
For starters, Frédéric Anton chose the langoustine in ravioli form, accompanied with a foie gras cream and a gilded duck jelly. For the main course, Nobuyuki Nobu Matsuhisa tells you how to prepare his New Style Salmon Sashimi. For the sweet and final touch, try Yannick Tranchant's Chocolate sphere recipe.
Does it make your mouth water with anticipation? Ours too! Now is the time to step into the kitchen, put on the apron, and enjoy!


Impress your hosts with our great chefs' secret recipes

Frédéric Anton
Langoustine ravioli, foie gras cream and gilded duck jelly
Serves 6
(watch the video for this recipe)

12 pieces

Ravioli dough
240 g flour
20 g lard
4 g salt
92 g water

Foie gras cream (about 40-50 g of sauce per plate)
0,20 l cream
50 g foie gras terrines
50 g butter

Gilded jelly
0,20 l clarified white stock
2 g agar-agar
1/2 gelatine leaf
Edible gold leaves

Chicken stock
60 g chicken
70 g carrot
70 g onion
1/2 leek
1/2 celery sticks
1 bouquet garni
4 coriander seeds
4 black peppercorns
1 litre water
1 clove
Sufficient coarse salt quantity

Langoustine recipe:
Peel langoustine tails, remove the entrails with the tip of a knife, put them away side by side and give them a rounded shape. Put a mint leaf on top and reserve in the fridge.

Ravioli dough recipe:
Put dough in a recipient, add salt and lard cut in small pieces. Mix it all and pour hot water. Knead by hand until the dough is smooth and roll everything in a ravioli machine. Let it rest for in the fridge for one hour.

Ravioli assemblage:
Spread the dough in length in thin layers. Lay the langoustine pieces side by side 3 cm from the edge of the dough. Fold in half and cut off pieces with a pastry cutter.
Squash the outer rim with your fingers and, if necessary, re-cut to give them a nice rounded shape, then reserve.

Foie gras cream recipe:
Boil the cream. Make foie gras butter by mixing soft butter and foie gras in the cream and whip the sauce. Adjust seasoning, strain and emulsify.

Chicken stock recipe:
Lay the chicken in a rondeau pan, dampen in cold water, salt, bring it to the boil and skim. Cut the onion in half and sear on the flat side. Then reserve.

Add the garniture and spices in the rondeau pan. Leave the pan on a low heat for three hours. Let it rest for 30 minutes and pour in a trainer. Be careful not to cloud the stock.

Ravioli cooking:
Simmer the chicken stock and add a dash of olive oil. Plunge in the ravioli for four minutes, then strain on a shelf.

Presentation and finishing touch:
Lay the ravioli on a plate, drop the foie gras cream on top and cover with the gilded jelly.


Impress your hosts with our great chefs' secret recipes

New Style Salmon Sashimi

Salmon fillets: 500 g
Thinly grated garlic: 1 teaspoon
Julienne strip ginger: 1 teaspoon
Olive oil: 9 tablespoon
Sesame oil: 1 teaspoon
Yuzu juice: 20 ml
Soy sauce: 50 ml
White sesame seeds

Mix the olive oil with the sesame oil to create the New Style oil.
Mix the yuzu juice and the soy sauce to create the yuzu-soy sauce.
Slice the salmon filets in thin slivers.
Arrange the salmon filets in a plate. On each sliver, add some grated garlic, ginger and chives. Sprinkle some sesame seeds on the salmon, as well as the yuzu-soy sauce.
Prior to serve, fry the New Style oil in a pan until it starts to smoke. Pour on the salmon.
Serve immediately.


Impress your hosts with our great chefs' secret recipes

Yannick Tranchant
Genuine Samana chocolate sphere, in Poire belle Hélène fashion


Chocolate sphere
1 kg of Samana Couverture chocolate
Temper the chocolate and mold it into half spheres. Reserve and chill.

Vanilla ice cream
750 g milk
250 g single cream
250 g egg yolk
200 g sugar
3 vanilla beans
Make custard, let it rest and chill.

Poached pears
4 Conference pears
Poaching syrup
1 l water
500 g caster sugar
1 vanilla bean
Make water boil, add sugar and vanilla, then slowly poached the pears, previously peeled. Reserve in cooking syrup and chill.

Cocoa crumble
200 g flour
150 g butter
25 g cocoa powder
2,5 g Fleur de sel
In a bowl, whisk and rub it all in, then bake for 15 min at 180°C. Reserve in an airtight box.

Vanilla whipped cream
500 g single cream
50 g icing sugar
1 vanilla bean
Mix it all, pour in a whipping siphon reserve and chill.

Slivered almonds
200 g slivered almonds
Roast the almonds in the oven for 10 min at 180°C.

Chocolate dressing
500 g single cream
200 g Samana Couverture chocolate
Cook the chocolate and the cream in a bain-marie, keep warm

In a deep plate, stick half a sphere to the bottom with caramel. Add the whipped cream, poached pears cut in pieces, crumble, roasted almonds and a quenelle of vanilla ice cream. Close with the other chocolate half sphere, powdered in gold.
Pour very hot chocolate sauce in front of the guests.