Honouring the soldiers of ‘the Trench'

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Honouring the soldiers of ‘the Trench'

While the city of Verdun in France covers the 1916 battles in horrifying realism, Lisbon shows the public the living conditions of soldiers within the trenches.

Far from being a simple documentary exhibition, The Trench offers history buffs and curious young people the opportunity to understand the conditions in which the soldiers lived in the depths of these terrible trenches made of blood and mud. The Museu do Combatente portrays their daily lives in exhaustive real scenarios: under what conditions did these men sleep, what were they eating, how were they cared for? A unique spectacle, with disturbing realism, a reminder that 30,000 Portuguese fought alongside the Allied forces on French battlefields.

Museu do Combatente
Forte do Bom Sucesso
1400-038 Lisbonne

Until 1 October 2018

From Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.