Gastronomic street food at Homer Lobster

Gastronomic street food at Homer Lobster

Originating from the State of Maine in the United States, lobster rolls have rapidly conquered the French capital. Several restaurants, including Homer Lobster, are completely dedicated to serving this speciality.

Made of a buttered-brioche type of bread and lobster meat, the lobster roll could be enjoyed as a snack while walking around, or sitting at one of the high tables of Homer Lobster, in the Marais neighbourhood. The restaurant was created by Frenchman Moïse Sfez after he had a taste of the sandwich during a trip to New York, and decided to import the concept in France. Challenge met, as his Connecticut sandwich (lemon butter and secret herbs) was awarded first prize at the Worldwide Lobster Roll Championship in July 2018. The recipe can be ordered on the Parisian menu, next to a spicier version with guacamole and a softer one with homemade mayo. Whether in normal or XXL sizes for avid eaters, they also come as a menu with a wakame salad and wasabi or truffle chips. This symbol of chic street food knows how to ride the waves of new modern trends.

Homer Lobster
21, rue Rambuteau
75004 Paris

Menu: between 21 and 26 EUR