Energetic stopover on the Seychelles beaches

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Energetic stopover on the Seychelles beaches

If simply lying down on warm sand and bask in the sun is already soothing, various water sports and activities are available.

Need an adrenalin rush? Then put on your gear for a dynamic session of water skiing in Beau Vallon! Whether you opt for the traditional method or go barefoot, you'll slide at full throttle. If surf is your thing, there are numerous spots where you will find nice waves, all around the archipelago. From the Digue beaches in Mahé to the Praslin ones, you'll get your fill of thrills! Hop on a jet ski or a more conventional but just as entertaining windsurf board. Finally, try on a new red hot activity: the aqua scooter. The concept is to wear mask and snorkel, and just plug in your oxygen tank for an underwater motorised excursion. Firmly grab the handle of your small machine and glide towards the deep. Revel in the wonderful natural show that lays right before your eyes!

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