Dizzying experiences at the Grand Canyon

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 Dizzying experiences at the Grand Canyon

A new attraction which flies you over this natural American phenomenon and UNESCO World Heritage Site, hanging from a zipline at a height of three hundred metres. A must for intrepid aesthetes!

 Dizzying experiences at the Grand Canyon

Zipline: a thrilling experience in the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon region boasts a new attraction which will delight thrill seekers. The “Zipline at Grand Canyon” is one of the longest and fastest in the world. Get ready to experience some of the most seriously intense minutes of your life as you fly over one of the most beautiful precipitous landscapes on the planet. To reach this extraordinary attraction you ascend in a shuttle up the famous Red Mountain, a site near Grand Canyon West.

Once at the top and harnessed up, it is time to face your fears. Too late to go back now, just throw yourself into the void. You will experience a sudden surge in adrenaline at 300 metres above the ground. During this descent, you may utter a little yelp of surprise. No one will hold it against you: you will soon reach a speed of 80 kilometres per hour! The second cable is significantly steeper, allowing you to take in the majesty of the site over a drop of more than 640 metres. You can try out this extreme experience in pairs. In fact, two people can jump off at the same time, each one on their own carrying cable.

Zip Line
Grand Canyon West
+1 928 769 2636


 Dizzying experiences at the Grand Canyon

The Skywalk: a bridge suspended above the Colorado river

For a less heart-stopping experience, opt for the Skywalk. This attraction, managed by the Hualapai Tribe who have lived in the area for generations, offers incredible views of the Grand Canyon. As you look over the Colorado River more than 1,200 metres below, step out confidently onto this horseshoe-shaped walkway hovering over the void. Its glass floor promises some dizzying sensations...

After dallying with the drop, why not grab a bite to eat? The restaurant adjoining the bridge, the Sa'Nyu Wa, invites you to sample its South-West USA-Asian fusion cuisine, offering Hualapai specialities such as sautéed rainbow trout with vegetables. Just the thing to calm your jitters.

Grand Canyon Skywalk
Peach Springs (Grand Canyon West)
Arizona 86434
+1 928 769 2636

Sa Nyu Wa Restaurant
Eagle Point Rd, above the SkyWalk, Peach Springs,
Arizona 86434
+1 928 377 1052