Bouillabaisse Chez Michel

Bouillabaisse Chez Michel

Come here for the best bouillabaisse in all of Marseille, the rockfish stew culinary delight.

On the Kennedy Corniche, facing the sea and the Cercle des Nageurs, is Marseille's most famous institution of bouillabaisse, open since 1946. Four generations have given their all to this traditional mainstay of Marseille's cuisine. The motto of Paul, who now runs the establishment along with the rest of his family, is: "My goal is to regale you with what the sea gives me during the night".

When you enter this ochre-coloured restaurant with copper mirrors, the first thing you see is a large display of fish bought from fishermen that very morning, inviting you to make a choice between grilled sea bass and sole, bouillabaisse, and bourride (fish and seafood in aioli).

Paul will definitely try to convince you to order the bouillabaisse, which is prepared differently here than elsewhere. The weevers, red gurnard, redfish and John Dory are poached in the bouillabaisse stock, which is prepared in the morning from small rockfish and high-quality saffron. Once cooked, it is served in two dishes. The first contains the fragrant soup and in the other, the fillets are gently laid in a star around a potato cut into thin strips, all yellow from the saffron. Tuck in, urged on by Paul in all earnestness.

Chez Michel
6 rue des Catalans
13007 Marseille

+33 (0)4 91 52 64 22

Menu: house special bouillabaisse for 78 EUR per person