Café Lota, authenticity and a hidden terrace

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Café Lota, authenticity and a hidden terrace

More than a simple museum cafeteria, Café Lota draws from the roots of Indian gastronomy and introduces a menu with many specialities from the northern regions of the country.

Hidden amid the National Craft Museum, which is dedicated to Indian craftsmanship in Delhi, Café Lota offers a calm and serene atmosphere from the surrounding urban bustle. Under a large gazebo, the terrace is a haven of cool. Make sure you have a reservation to enjoy it, as it is very popular and in demand. Here, specialities of Indian gastronomy – especially from the north of the country – are prepared with a modern twist. The menu changes regularly, according to seasons and availability of local products. It will be hard to choose among roasted lotus steamed dumplings served with a yogurt cream, scallions and cashew nuts, the traditional Rajasthan chicken curry or the slow-cooked mutton in coconut milk and coriander… For sides, Café Lota sheds a light on ancient cereals: millet, red rice and amaranth will take you to the roots of Indian gastronomy. In this quest for authenticity, the restaurant also offers traditional breakfasts that you undoubtedly revel in!

Café Lota
National Crafts Museum, Gate No. 2
Bhairon Marg
Pragati Maidan
New Delhi
Delhi 110001

+91 (0)99 1080 7703

Menu: around 930 INR