Bonbon Plume, postcard restaurant

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Bonbon Plume, postcard restaurant

Built from natural materials on the Anse Lazio beach, the Bonbon Plume restaurant offers a selection of creole dishes to be enjoyed with your feet in sand.

On the most famous beach of Praslin Island, you'll find a small restaurant bearing the name of an elegant local flower: Bonbon Plume. It has been met with success since its opening, as creole gastronomy is very much favoured by locals and tourists alike. It may therefore be quite difficult to find a spot by the water, but it's well worth a try: there, sheltered by a large straw hut, you'll be able to enjoy the perfect company of your close ones as delicious dishes are served in.
Having a seafood craving? Your prayer has been answered, with a shrimp coconut curry and an octopus rougail (spicy tomato preparation), before concluding with a mouth-watering dessert: a jamalac purée, using this tropical fruit for its refreshing taste and rose smell.

Bonbon Plume
Anse Lazio
Praslin Island

+248 4 232 136

Menu: around 500 SCR