Aedaen Place, a hybrid experience

literary cafe - speakeasy
Aedaen Place, a hybrid experience

Hidden bar, art gallery, literary café… In Strasbourg, Aedaen Place chose not to choose and piles up various atmospheres inside.

First set up as an online art dealer (Aedaen standing for Art Every Day And Every Night), this Strasbourg establishment is above all a meeting spot for artists and curious enthusiasts. At once art gallery, coffee shop, bar, brasserie and even bookshop, Aedaen Place stands out with this hybrid mix, bringing a multiplicity of atmospheres to your experience. Each room reveals a particular setting, like the purple and felt boudoir, hidden behind a back door, where you can enjoy a drink inconspicuously. In this speakeasy-like bar, seeing without being seen is an art form when you stand behind the one-way mirror facing the literary café. In the latter, you will be dazzled by the book decoration, piling up against the wall and ceiling. It is a hangout for book lovers, comfortably settled in cushioned chairs, whether at breakfast, or on the terrace for tea time under the afternoon sun.

Aedaen Place
4-6 rue des Aveugles
67000 Strasbourg

Tel : +33 (0)3 90 00 90 01

Menu: drinks from 2 EUR