+61: an Australian chef with Italian inspirations

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+61: an Australian chef with Italian inspirations

Here, Australian minimalism meets Mediterranean flavours for a gourmet break, far from the bustle and eccentricity Marrakech is known for.

As a result of the fusion between Australian-born Cassandra Karinsky and Sébastian de Gzell, owner of the famous Nomad Café, +61 opened in Guéliz, Marrakech's westerner and modern neighbourhood. Looking like a retro canteen, the restaurant displays pastel tones and urges patrons to discover delicious dishes to share. Opened all week for lunch (except on Sunday) and two nights per week, it is the perfect location for a lunch among friends. The restaurant offers homemade cooking, prepared with organic products carefully selected from local farmers.

On the menu: burrata, malloreddus (small Sardinian gnocchi), roast chicken and polenta cake all witness to the Italian inspirations of Australian chef Andrew Cibej. Quality is infallible and the menu changes regularly, according to available seasonal products.

96, rue Mohammed el Beqal
Marrakech 4000

+212 5 24 20 70 20


Menu : around 235 MAD