Air France sur l'Apple Watch

With the Apple Watch and the Air France app for iPhone, all your trip details are on your wrist!

An even-more intuitive way
to prepare for your trip

The Air France app on your Apple Watch is extremely convenient: it enables you to check your flight time, boarding gate, seat number and Flying Blue details. If you forget to check in for your flight, your watch will send you an automatic reminder!

Prefer to receive your boarding pass on your iPhone? With the Apple Watch, you can also receive it on your wrist! No need to search for your phone before boarding, simply show the barcode displayed on your watch at all security checkpoints at the airport.
Apple Watch

Innovative features on your wrist

Your watch will soon include even more features. For example, it could gently buzz your wrist to notify you of a change in your boarding time or gate.

The Air France app is currently available on the Apple Watch. To use the app, simply ensure you have downloaded the app to your iPhone and then connect your watch to your smartphone.
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