Embark on an exceptional voyage with the A380

With the A380, discover the largest airplane of all time.
Go to the end of the world on board this exceptional plane...without connecting flights!

More spacious

The A380's tremendous size offers you the comfort of extra space. From its tastefully decorated cabins to its spacious aisles, the A380's interior is designed for tranquility and serenity.


Built with the latest technology, the A380 is the most silent aircraft in its class. Thanks to its high-performance and aerodynamic form, it makes only half the noise of the standard airplane at takeoff! Benefit from a calm, soothing ambiance for optimal rest and relaxation during your entire flight.

More eco-friendly

The materials used to construct the A380 (notably carbon fiber, glass and aluminum) allow for reduced mass and superior aerodynamics. Despite the A380's impressive size, it consumes 20% less fuel than the A330!
A380 technical specifications
Wingspan: 79.8 m / 262 ft
Length: 73 m / 240 ft
Height: 24.1 m / 79 ft
Fuel capacity: 325,000 liters / 85,768 US gal
Cruising speed: Mach 0.85
Cruising altitude: 10,700 m/35,000 ft

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